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Social media might be less than 10 years old but its phenomenal growth has ensured its importance as a business tool for all enterprise – small, medium and large.

Veracity Media created and maintains Holden Motorsport’s social media channels, engaging with fans to bolster the brand’s awareness with creative content and improve customer relations through conversation.

Veracity Media’s social media service provides Holden Motorsport’s social media channels with photo updates from relevant events, informative infographics, news items and historical features, while enabling HMS enthusiasts to share and communicate their experiences.

The social media channels are also a valuable resource for directing visitors to the Holden Motorsport and Holden corporate websites.

•   266 per cent year-on-year growth

•   Over 250,000 Facebook followers, almost 20,000 Twitter fans

•   Over 70 million impressions created on more than 830,000 unique users on Facebook and Twitter

•   More than half a million YouTube video views

•   Industry-leading growth and engagement rates

•   All-viral accounts with results achieved via content created by Veracity Media and zero advertising spend

"Thank you for your efforts, you have again generated a significant amount of valuable media for the Holden brand. We thank you also for your work in making Holden Motorsport social media the industry leader."

– Mike Devereux, Chairman & Managing Director, GM Holden Ltd   

Project description

Create and build all social media channels for GM Holden Ltd's motorsport program, maintain each account and build audiences.


GM Holden Ltd




  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Monitoring & Moderation
  • On-going Management
  • Cross Promotion
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